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TranslateIt! German-English-German

TranslateIt! is both a handy and effective solution for knowing the meaning of any new word you
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5 June 2007

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The German economy today is growing at a quick pace and the resurgence of German industry after the recent economic downturn has been the talk in Europe. Quite expectedly the German language is in demand and many learners are queuing at German learning centers to familiarize themselves with the wonderful language. Now in case you wish to learn the language and yet do not have the time to visit your local German language center then the internet can come to your rescue. With online free courses and dictionaries and translators you can start your journey of discovery of learning the German language. However all these offer a limited way of learning and grasping the new language unlike TranslateIt! German-English-German 5.0 that promises to be a compact solution for learning German.

TranslateIt! German-English-German opens with a compact looking interface with the chief options placed intuitively that provides easy translation of all text placed in German language and even provides synonyms of the word translated to make the procedure simpler as the translation is done as the mouse is placed over the word. It works easily any web browser such as Internet Explorer, Opera and Firefox along with easily working with Outlook Express and Microsoft Word. The program works on two basic modes such as ‘Point and translate’ and ‘Highlight and translate’ with the former working on one touch technique as it translates by just pointing the mouse and the user would get the translation. In case this technique doesn`t work, the latter one can be accessed with the help of hot keys.

Overall, TranslateIt! proves to be definitely an apt solution for managing and learning German language with ease and hence gets a rating of four points for its utility value. The application is likely to find many takers amongst business executives looking to try their hands at the language from the comfort of their homes.

Publisher's description

TranslateIt! is both a handy and effective solution for learning the meaning of new words you come across while working at the computer. It translates words to and from German and English. Just point the mouse at an unknown word and you'll get a translation.
TranslateIt! supports the translation of words in almost any place of your workspace, including message windows and context menus. Not only does TranslateIt! help you out when you work with Internet Explorer and Outlook Express, it also provides the translation when you use Opera and Firefox browsers, MS Office Word and ICQ.
TranslateIt! works in two modes 'Point and translate' and 'Highlight and translate'. 'Point and translate mode' uses a unique 'One touch capture' technology allowing you to get a translation simply by pointing the mouse cursor at an unfamiliar word. You won't have to spend your time and distract yourself, making copy and paste operations, opening a dictionary window, etc. With TranslateIt!, you will get the translation right away, it's very convenient!
If TranslateIt! doesn't have the word you want to translate in the dictionary, it will engage the word-formation module, which modifies the unknown word by adding or changing suffixes and prefixes, so you'll have a chance to get a translation even if the word is not in the database.
If the 'One touch capture' feature doesn't provide a translation, you can resort to 'Highlight and translate' mode. To use this mode, first enable it by pressing the Shift+S hotkey and then just highlight the word and press Ctrl, the translation will pop up. 'Highlight and translate' mode also comes in handy when you need to know the meaning of set expressions or verbs.
TranslateIt! is a convenient context dictionary that works in almost any application and will give you the translation of any new word you stumble upon. It is a real help for users who deal with texts in foreign languages at their work, study or leisure time.
TranslateIt! German-English-German
TranslateIt! German-English-German
Version 5.0
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